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Proofreading up to 1000 words

Proofreading up to 1000 words

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The Professional Proofreader

Specializing in Dissertation Proofreading, Dissertation Proposal Proofreading, formatting in APA,  APA formatting for citations, Proofreading books, emails, letters, resumes, and cover letters.


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Specializing in Proofreading services for Dissertations and Theses:

  • Dissertation Consulting

  • Dissertation Proofreading

  • APA formatting of Citations

  • Dissertation Formatting in APA 

  • Dissertation Proposal Proofreading 

  • Practice/Mock Dissertation Defenses

  • Specializing in Dissertation Proofreading

  • Meeting tight deadlines and helping your dissertation get approved!

Proofreading services using Microsoft Word Track Changes (PDF editing available) include:

  • Checking and revising Spelling and Grammar.

  • Revising text to improve Sentence Structure (including run-on sentences).

  • Making corrections to Verb Tense (i.e., changing verb tense to past tense in dissertations and theses).

  • Addressing Active and Passive Voice issues.

  • Addressing incomplete sentences.

  • Revising Punctuation (removing unnecessary commas, adding missing punctuation including the Oxford/Serial comma).

  • Deleting unnecessary spaces (i.e., if there are 2 spaces after periods and you have made errors and added 3 spaces after periods, I will delete the extra spaces).

  • Inserting missing words (i.e., of, the, this, these, and, on, in, etc.

  • Improving Poorly Written Sentences (including reorganizing thoughts, rewriting, and inserting missing words.

Upon completion of my editing and revising, I will provide you with 2 revised documents, a clean copy and a track changes version showing my revisions. As a professional proofreader, I have regularly edit a variety of written documents ranging from Doctoral Dissertations, Master Thesis Documents, Scientific Journal Publications to Self-Help eBooks, Personal Statements, Admissions Essays, Quantitative and Qualitative Research, Blog Posts, and Novels. I have done Fiverr Editing, Upwork Editing, Freelancer Editing, and more! Get proofreading from an experienced professional, submit your request for proofreading today!

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The Professional Proofreader
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